Co-Founder Team


Wei Zhao(Harvey老狼) CEO

Mr. Zhao began accessing Bitcoin and participated in a number of blockchain community projects (Peercoin, Factom, BitShares) since 2011, and has extensive experience in the blockchain industry. Returning from Singapore in 2016, he won the second place in the "Shanghai Wanxiang-Deloitte Blockchain Programming Marathon" and the second place in the "Mercedes-Benz Technology Marathon". Prior to the establishment of OracleChain project, he worked as a blockchain technologist at a former technology company.


Zhiyong Tan Chief Scientist

Mr. Tan is a PhD in cryptography and information security at Tsinghua University. He has 16 years of experience in the IT field. He has 7 years of experience in the science and technology department of the state-owned large-scale commercial bank in China. He was the technical director of the national 863 fund and 115 fund project in the field of safety, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Drafter of the Blockchain—Reference Architecture, a reviewer for the Journal of Supercomputing SCI in the United States. It has applied for 71 patents in the blockchain field, of which 47 are the first inventors.


Chenggen Song CTO

Mr. Song is a Ph.D. in cryptography from Peking University and has long been engaged in cryptography and blockchain R&D in Central Universities. As the person in charge, he has undertaken many national cryptography projects and participated in a number of major national science and technology projects as technical supervisors. Participated in the drafting of a number of national information security and cryptography standards. He is also open source project GMSSL cryptographic algorithm provider.

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